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Here's some resources that we've written to explain work-arounds to music-related problems for people with limited or no vision.

Please mail me if you find any inaccuracies or omissions.

Cakewalk Tips and Tricks

Writing Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files.

Controlling audio effects using MIDI tracks

Equipment Panel Layouts

Panel Layouts

MOTU CueMix Console

We have developed a Jaws script/Hot Spot Clicker configuration for the PCI version of this software mixer. Click here to download the MOTU PCI CueMix Console configuration files.

Click here to go to the download and information site for the Hot Spot Clicker extension to the JAWS screen reader.

If you have a USB or fire wire version of MOTU CueMix, then click here to download the non-PCI version of the CueMix scripts. Please note that you need these files in addition to those in the PCI version of the package. This version of the package may need further modification on your system (please use the mail link below for help).

Mail me if you need to modify the MOTU PCI CueMix Console configuration for use with a non-PCI version.

G-Snap Hot Spot Set

We have developed an HSC configuration file for the free pitch correction plug-in, G-Snap. G-Snap is available from the GVST site.  You can download the G-Snap HSC set here.

Follow the instructions for importing Hot Spot Sets as described at HotSpotClicker.Org then configure G-Snap as a soft synth within Sonar.