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What's the petition for?

Raised Bar is trying to gather statistics to aid the cause of improving access to music technology for visually-impaired people.  One of the biggest obstacles to achieving success in this area is being able to convince hardware and software manufacturers that there is sufficient demand to warrant their investment in making the necessary changes. 


To help us overcome this obstacle, we ask you to submit your name and email address to our petition so that we can present meaningful numbers when we meet with interested individuals and organisations.  Any submitted names and email addresses will only ever be used for this purpose.  We're only asking for email addresses at all because they will act as a proof that there's a person behind the name.  We will only ever divulge them to the interested bodies if we obtain your permission first and only then as a means of verifying the total being presented.  In addition, we will never use this information to aid our own marketing - you are not signing up to become part of Raised Bar's customer database.


Please only submit valid information - we're not trying to artificially inflate the figures as this would irreparably damage our credibility with those we are trying to encourage to help our cause.


This is your chance to help raise the bar in terms of the level of access that we all need, so please sign up now!

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Important Note

Please don't treat this form as a substitute for contacting manufacturers and vendors directly if you have a particular issue with a product and its accessibility.  When you do this, it helps to strengthen the case with regard to accessibility in music technology products and gives the manufacturers valuable information about specific problem areas. We have found manufacturers are open and do listen to constructive feedback as you, the customer, are important to them.

Additionally, don't forget to let a manufacturer know if their product is working well for you in accessibility terms - we all like to know if we've done a good job and positive feedback can help encourage a development team to try even harder in their next product cycle.

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