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Mackie Display Reader Lite

The Mackie Display Reader offers a method to make the popular Mackie Control Universal control surfaces provide speech output when used in conjunction with any of the most popular screen readers (Jaws, Window-Eyes, System Access and NVDA). The Reader can be run in the background whilst a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application is run in the foreground - it provides additional information to assist the visually-impaired user operate the application. This initial release is offered for free and is optimised for use with Cakewalk Sonar.  It is particularly useful when handling plug-in effects and software synthesizers.

Current Developments

We have a major rewrite of this application under development that supports multiple devices on both Windows and Mac. For a little background information on this, please take a look at the thumbmail description on the SurfaceReader page on the RNIB site


Please examine the ReadMe file for the manual installation instructions (a proper setup utility is on the way) then download the free ("Lite") version of the Mackie Display Reader (32-bit) here.