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Here's some resources provided by other individuals and organisations that you might find interesting and useful. I've got a lot more to add, but if you spot something that you think I've missed (or if you find that a link here doesn't work) then please mail me and let me know what it's about and where to find it.

Accessibility and Advocacy (Non-profit organisations and projects)

Action for Blind People
MIDI-Mag Home
MIDI-Mag Podcast feed
MIDI-Mag Podcast Blog
Music Access - Home of the Sibelius Access free scripts for Sibelius 5.2. Musicians In Focus
Navigating the Internet for the Visually Impaired
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Studiography - Kevin Reeves Blog
Studiography Podcast

Accessibility Retailers, Vendors and Service Providers

Blazie Ltd
Dancing Dots
Freedom Scientific

Music-Related Manufacturers

Accessible Yamaha Motif Editors
Kenton Electronics
Korg (U.K.)
Roland (U.K.)

Music and Music Technology Tutorials and Knowledge Resources

MIDI Tutorial
GoldWave scripts for Jaws from Ultra Universe Hot Spot Clicker - Extending Jaws


Cakewalk Technical Support contact form
Deep Burner - CD/DVD creation tool that works well with screen readers
M-Audio Technical Support
MIDI-Ox - does pretty much anything with or to a MIDI stream
Yamaha Manual Library (Text version)
Yamaha Manual Library (PDF version) - contains more manuals than the text version

Artists and Production

P J Muir Productions