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Installing Sibelius Access

  1. Extract the files from the zip archive which you downloaded.
  2. Open the extracted folder.
  3. This folder contains three folders called JAWS, Sibelius Software and Registry Keys.
  4. Open the folder called JAWS and copy all of its contents.
  5. Go to Start>Programs > JAWS > Explore JAWS > Explore Shared Settings
  6. Paste the copied files and folders into this folder.
  7. Return to the extracted folder.
  8. Copy the folder called “Sibelius Software” (do not open it, just copy it).
  9. Go to the current users application data folder.
    An easy way to do this is to press the Windows key and go to:
    Programs > JAWS > Explore JAWS > Explore My Settings
    Then press Backspace five times.
  10. Paste the copied files into this folder.
  11. A dialog appears asking you if you want to replace any existing folders.
  12. Press the YES button.
  13. Navigate back to the Sibelius Access folder and open the folder called “Registry Keys”.
  14. This folder contains several files with the extension .reg.
  15. Press enter on each file and OK any dialogs which appear.

You have now installed Sibelius Access.